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Study online for TESOL or TEFL certificates.
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CELTA alternative.
Onsite TESOL Courses
INTESOL runs a range of onsite TESOL courses.
Accredited TESOL / TEFL Courses and Certification from INTESOL WORLDWIDE At Levels 3 - 5
We are proud to announce that with effect from April 7th 2014 INTESOL Worldwide will now be issuing its awards through Training & Qualifications UK (TQUK), an Ofqual regulated awarding body in the UK. Because of this you can be sure that your TESOL Certificate will be accepted by employers worldwide.
We offer a range of TEFL and TESOL courses which are all designed to give you the start you need to embark on a career in TESOL.
Why Should You Choose to Study Your TEFL or TESOL Course with INTESOL?
INTESOL is the best known provider of quality TESOL / TEFL courses.
INTESOL is a global organisation with branches throughout the world.
All INTESOL TEFL and TESOL courses are endorsed by TQUK - a National Awarding Body listed on the Government Ofqual Register.
The Benefits of TESOL / TEFL Certification Training with INTESOL are obvious!
INTESOL has branches throughout the world.
All TEFL and TESOL courses endorsed by TQUK (on the Ofqual Register).
Teaching Practice included in our Level 5 TESOL courses.
Employers worldwide pro-actively seek to employ INTESOL graduates.
Great value for money.
If you choose to obtain employment independently you will be provided with professional references.
For TESOL courses you will have a TQUK Course Transcript as evidence of course content for employers.
You will receive full support from our highly qualified tutors.
You can study anywhere in the world.
The Course Director, Lynda Hazelwood, has over 30 years experience with TESOL / TEFL courses.
The Truth about TESOL / TEFL Course Qualifications
Potential employers seek out teachers who have been trained to a high level.
Potential employers seek out teachers whose course has been accredited by an independent accrediting body.
Typical INTESOL Students:
Are serious about wanting to train for TESOL / TEFL Certification.
Are therefore looking for the best accreditation from an independent accrediting body.
Decide on quality rather than price because they realise that they are investing in their education and their future.
Understand that a highly qualified, experienced trainer, best quality TEFL course and excellent accreditation are absolute necessities in TESOL / TEFL training.
Want a qualification which is from a TESOL course provider recognised throughout the world.
Need to be able to successfully apply for any teaching position throughout the world and not just for the company which trained them and not just in volunteer positions!
Know the value of a qualification awarded by an independent accrediting body.
Are aware that prospective employers often ask for a TESOL / TEFL course transcript.
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Open Up Doors in Employment
Teach in another Culture

TEFL Certification and TESOL Courses

TEFL Courses

tefl certification At INTESOL Worldwide we provide the ultimate support for teaching English abroad as a foreign language. You can do one of our TEFL teaching courses to open up doors in employment that you didn't know existed. Our site also has a jobs listing page so you can assess the type of work that is available to you.

Once you have set your heart on teaching overseas your next step is to get TEFL certification to enable you to apply for jobs abroad. We offer various courses so you should select carefully which course you believe suits you. If you fancy a gap year teaching you will probably find our TEFL certificate is ideal for you. This is a fully accredited course that enables you to acquire experience prior to your exciting globetrotting mission.

Another option is to get a Level 3 100 hour certificate in TESOL. This is perfect for someone who doesn't have a great deal of spare time and wants to get a quick certificate. The short time commitment also means you've no problem continuing your existing job while doing this course.

We offer further certificate courses at Level 4 and Level 5 with 2 options at each level. The Level 4 150 hour is the basic course; Level 4 180 hour incorporates Business English and Teaching English to Young Learners. The Level 5 190 hour is the basic course and Level 5 220 hour again incorporates Business English and Teaching English to Young Learners. Both Level 5 courses include a Teaching Practice element. For those who are already teaching and would like to gain a higher qualification we offer the 390 hour Diploma in TESOL which also includes Teaching Practice. At INTESOL the choice literally is yours, the teaching abroad experience you have can be shaped to suit your own desires.


tefl training Once you've acquired your TEFL certification you'll no doubt be itching to get out there and teach in another culture. We have a wide range of opportunities available in China, but it's important that you consider your options carefully as you don't want to opt for a job that you realize you can't realistically complete.

China is one of the most popular countries where INTESOL certified teachers opt to spend their first year in the TEFL teaching game. It offers a unique cultural experience with a salary that covers all living costs and enables you to earn a little too. Positions are available throughout the year, with any teacher who has completed an INTESOL TEFL/TESOL training course welcome to apply. Applicants should however be native speakers from the UK, Ireland, South Africa, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. The attractive part of teaching in China is that you receive a rent-free apartment as part of your contract so living costs become much cheaper than usual.

Take a course with us today and begin a new career in the exciting world of teaching abroad!