Advanced Cert in Business English


We are increasingly being asked to supply teachers who are trained in and qualified in teaching Business English.

If you would like to be fully prepared for any teaching situation you may wish to consider an additional qualification and take the Advanced Certificate in Business English to follow on from the 150/190 or 180/220 Hour Certificate in TESOL..

ALAP Accreditation

INTESOL Worldwide TESOL/TEFL courses are accredited by ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals), a UK based Awarding Organisation.  ALAP is an accrediting organisation that specialises in the ELT industry.



Course Contents

Unit 1 – Types of E.S.P. – this looks at the purpose for which the student needs to learn English, ie occupational eg hospital medical staff; academic eg those intending to study in English mother tongue higher education establishments; for science & technology etc.
TASK – Identifying learners.

Unit 2 – Class profiles, needs analysis and motivation
TASK – Identifying learner groups and their motivation. Ways of increasing motivation and maintaining motivation.

Unit 3 – Testing and Examinations – looking at placement and diagnostic tests; progress tests; types of testing etc.
TASK – Test design, marking and monitoring progress

Unit 4 – English for Academic Purposes –
TASK – Looking at different types of exercise and identifying the purpose of each; note writing etc.

Unit 5 – English for Occupational purposes – looking at anaphoric and cataphoric reference, substitution, ellipsis, coherence markers etc.
TASK – Planning lessons on note-taking, telephone skills etc.

Unit 6 – Lesson and Syllabus planning – choosing textbooks, designing your own materials.
TASK – Designing a syllabus and detailed lesson plans from given class profiles or your own if you have access to students. There are many examples of exercises and texts given throughout the course.

There are no exams, the course is continually assessed.

Award of Certificate

Certificates are graded as follows:

  • A1 – Distinction
  • A2 – Excellent
  • B1 – Very Good
  • B2 – Good
  • C – Pass

Course Fees


£295 – (UK – paid in full on registration)
£315 – (UK – paid in 2 instalments, the first of £165)

£320 – (Europe – paid in full on registration)
£340 – (Europe – paid in 2 instalments, the first of £190)

£340 – (World – paid in full on registration)
£360 – (World – paid in 2 instalments, the first of £210)

Instalments due:
1st (£165 – UK) (£190 – Europe) (£210 – World) – on registration
2nd (£150) – 1 month following registration

Please note this includes all assessment fees for submission by email, course materials on CD-ROM, course textbook and the ALAP accredited Advanced Certificate in Teaching Business English on successful completion; there are no extras.

Please note: There are no set start dates. You decide when you start. The full course is sent out on acceptance of your application.

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