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Onsite TESOL Courses in Russia

INTESOL offers ALAP accredited courses in Moscow, Vladivostok and Voronezh in the mesmerising country of Russia.

TESOL courses and Internship in Russia

Get TEFL certification and teach English in Russia!

INTESOL Russia provides an internationally recognized TEFL course accredited by ALAP, a specialist UK based ELT Awarding Organization

Course Summary

  • Globally accredited for guaranteed quality
  • Job placement assistance in Russia
  • Busy language schools near many amenities
  • Course provider with 23 years of experience
  • Predeparture guidance and support
  • Team of experienced TEFL professionals
  • Variety of excursions available
  • Visa support, accommodation, Russian language courses and airport pickup
  • TESOL courses in Russia


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INTESOL Russia offers the Level 5 Certificate in TESOL 220h with Teaching Practice accredited by ALAP (Awarding Language Acquisition for Professionals), a UK based specialist awarding body.
This TESOL course includes Teaching Practice, offering trainees real classroom experience with a group of students. The course is held at the INTESOL Centres in Moscow, the capital of Russia, Voronezh, the center of Middle part of Russia and Vladivostok, the center of Far East Russia.

2016 dates and course fees can be found below.


Russia is the largest country in the world, encompassing over one eighth of the Earth’s inhabited land area. Russia is the ninth most popular country in the world with a population of over 144 million people since 2015.
Spanning across the entirety of northern Asia and much of Eastern Europe, Russia covers eleven time zones and is renowned for its unique array of environmental landforms.


The most popular tourist destinations in Russia are Saint Petersburg (which appeared in the list of top visited cities of Europe in 2010) and Moscow, the current and the former capitals of the country and great cultural centers, recognized globally as two of the World Cities.
Moscow and Saint Petersburg are celebrated for world renowned galleries and museums such as the Hermitage and Tretyakov Gallery and famous theaters including the Bolshoi and the Mariinsky. Russia is also recognized for significant historical sites, such as the Moscow Kremlin and Peter and Paul Fortress, as well as many ornate churches including Saint Basil’s Cathedral, the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Saint Isaac’s Cathedral and Church of the Saviour on Blood. Furthermore, Moscow is renowned for the many beautiful parks across the city, historical streets, imperial architecture and other significant sites such as the Red Square and the Palace Square. Moscow contains a great variety of impressive Soviet era buildings and modern skyscrapers, while Saint Petersburg, nicknamed the Venice of the North, is known for its grand classical architecture and many rivers, channels and beautiful bridges.


Voronezh is a city with a population of 1.1 million, located 500 km away from Moscow (which is extremely close for Russia). You can think “a provincial town just like any other”. Think again. The rich black earth which surrounds Voronezh once made it Russia’s agricultural capital, but now this southern city is looking for growth in different fields, with a new focus on culture and enterprise to help stop a Moscow bound brain drain. As a result, the city’s blossom filled avenues are buzzing with bars, shops and a new sense of self confidence. “Love Voronezh,” as they say Downtown (local media gurus), “Moscow can wait.”


Vladivostok is one of the most picturesque and attractive cities in Russia. Vladivostok is the last station of the famous Trans Siberian Railway. Here you can admire the wonderful nature of the Far East and see the sites of the former military power.

Vladivostok is a very special city. Founded on the junction of land and sea, Europe and Asia,
it is strikingly different from most Russian cities. First of all, it is notable for its unique geographical location and specific relief. It’s no wonder that Vladivostok is called a solid observation platform: it is the breathtaking panoramas opening from the height of the hills that constitute the main attraction of the Primorsky Krai’s capital.

It is absolutely unique and can’t be found in any other part of the word. Incredibly beautiful
sea views, blue and emerald bays, mysterious mountains and ridges, protected areas where rare animals live and Red Book plants grow… And on numerous islands, scattered as if beads in the Gulf of Peter the Great, one can find nooks of virgin nature untouched by civilization.
A trip to the seaside capital offers an opportunity to discover its original cuisine, which is an
absolutely unique mixture of European and Asian culinary traditions. Stunning variety of seafood delicacies, unusual ingredients, various spices, original serving and incredible range of dishes’ flavors make the local cuisine an important part of Vladivostok’s tourist attractiveness.
In principle, Vladivostok differs from other Russian cities by the special mentality of local residents. Being open and friendly, they never lose their unique sense of humor and confidence in the future, and their smiles radiate an irresistible thirst for life. It is people who make this extraordinary city alive and extremely dynamic.


INTESOL Russia, Moscow
The Moscow Center of INTESOL Russia is committed to providing TESOL training of the highest standard, to prepare you for your exciting teaching career in Russia and abroad. Our teaching center is located in the heart of Golden Triangle, a walkway line to the The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts and Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure. The center is just 2 minutes walk from the nearest metro station and a 20 minutes walk to Red Square.
INTESOL Russia, features 5 small classrooms and has been teaching the English language to Russians for 4 years. We deliver English language training to Russian institutes, hotels and commercial enterprises together with our popular classes for private students. We also provide Russian language lessons, cultural tours, accommodation, airport transfer, translation services and business visa services.

INTESOL Russia, Voronezh
INTESOL Russia, Voronezh (TravelWorks) is an international company that has more than 13 years experience in Youth Travel and Work Abroad industry. We are happy to provide a range of inbound programs to a variety of cities in Russia, which guarantee gaining new experience and better understanding of foreign cultures. With their headquarters in Voronezh, TravelWorks guarantees placements in diverse areas of our large country, in such cities as Stavropol, Barnaul, Magnitogorsk, Vologda, Penza and many many more. Step into another world as a participant of TravelWorks programmes in fascinating Russia. For centuries the world has wondered what to believe about Russia. Diverse landscapes, ancient fortresses, luxurious palaces, swirly spired
churches and lost in time wooden villages and you’ll begin to see why Russia is simply amazing…

INTESOL Russia, Vladivostok
INTESOL Vladivostok centre is a great choice for undertaking TESOL course. We offer an excellent opportunity for those, who are interested in visiting a far eastern city at the shore of the Pacific Ocean.
Our centre is located on the college campus in a secure environment not far from the seashore. You can easily get to any part of the city from our campus. We are glad to introduce TESOL courses in comfortable and well equipped, modern classes. All our students receive very personal, friendly and professional service in our centre.

Welcome to Vladivostok, Russian Far East!

There is a significant demand for native English speakers in Russia, and we offer a wide range of different opportunities for these prospective teachers.

The TESOL qualification offers various work opportunities such as employment in one of Russia’s many language centers. Additionally, participants often take students on the side, as private tutoring can be a rewarding experience and also incites a significant increase in income.
Most participants find themselves surprised at the very basic level of language skills required to teach English in Russian schools. Working in these schools can be challenging with classes from 10 and up to 20 children. However, this teaching experience is guaranteed to be extremely rewarding.

Participants work approximately 20 to 30 hours a week and are expected to be on the school premises from Monday to Friday 8am-4pm. You will require a lot of energy and motivation to maintain various class sizes on a day to day basis. This can be demanding at times but also very exciting as Russian children are tremendously fun to teach once you adapt to the schooling system. Participants have found this teaching experience immensely gratifying and invigorating.
Alternatively, finding work in a private language school is also available for program participants, with positions for English speakers available all year round. If you choose to work in one of the language centers you are more likely to work with older children, adolescents and adults. Classes commonly take place in the evenings and weekends, tending to be smaller with groups of 4 to 12 students. Oftentimes these are fee paying students and commercial businesses, which may come with a greater expectation of results.

As a teacher, be prepared for various demands and work environments. This may be challenging but ultimately becomes an awarding learning experience for the teacher as well as the student.

Course Details

The ALAP accredited Level 5 Certificate in TESOL with Teaching Practice (CELTA / Trinity
alternative) is a 220 hour course of high quality academic content, not only valued by
employers, but also beneficial in providing a perfect platform from which to begin
your career teaching English anywhere in the world.

This is a TESOL course for those who seek to gain a first qualification in teaching English as
a Foreign or Second Language. The course is directed at both novice and more experienced
teachers and successful candidates receive an ALAP 220 Hour Certificate in TESOL, an
ALAP Course Transcript and the INTESOL Level 5 Certificate in TESOL.

The TEFL/TESOL certificate courses can be taken in the following formats:

4 Week TESOL Level IV 120 hour – 4 week intensive onsite course held at the
INTESOL Russia centres in Moscow, Voronezh and Vladivostok.

This course includes:

TESOL 120 hour course in Class + Certificates
Internship in Russian language schools or institution
Accommodation, including breakfast
Return airport pickup
Visa support

Program fee: 980 GBP / 1140 GBP (Vladivostok / Moscow)

8 Week TESOL Level IV 220 hour – 8 week intensive onsite course held at
The INTESOL Russia centres in Moscow, Voronezh and Vladivostok, including
Teaching Practice and internship.

This course includes:

TESOL 220 hour course in Class + Certificates
Teaching Practice
Internship in Russian language schools/ institutions
Accommodation, including breakfast
Return airport pickup
Visa support

Program fee: 1950 GBP / 2350 GBP (Vladivostok / Moscow)

This course includes

ALAP level 5 certificate in TESOL with Teaching practice (CELTA/TRINITY alternative)
INTESOL Certificate in TESOL (graded)
INTESOL teaching practice certificate (graded)
ALAP course transcript
All ALAP registration fees
TESOL course materials
Job placement assistance in different Russian cities. (We often hire graduates in house and assist with placements in schools throughout Russia.)
Learn at INTESOL Russia language school, a vibrant and renowned language center
Benefit from the support of a highly experienced staff including teachers and teacher trainers
Predeparture support (Skype available)
Reference for TESOL job application
Airport pick up service on the Saturday prior the course at 2 pm
Russian cultural immersion seminar “do and don’t do“ as well as general information about
your stay, support, health, facilities, life in Moscow, general attitude, orientation, recommendation
2 one day excursions (transport, entrance fees)

Course Fees

Program fee: 1950 GBP / 2350 GBP (Vladivostok / Moscow)

Course Dates 2016

Start Finish Status
25 June 31 July Full Book Now
6 August 11 September Places Book Now
17 September 23 October Places Book Now
29 October 4 December Places Book Now


Moscow, Voronezh and Vladivostok offer various accommodation for program participants, with many hotels, hostels, apartments and Russian host families available at affordable prices. These costs may vary depending on the location and time of the year, generally starting from around 3000 rubles a night.

Various living spaces are available with comprehensive facilities such as WiFi, cable TV, a work area with a desk or table and a kitchenette with a fridge. These living spaces provide our participants with a safe and comfortable environment to live and study.
Many of these hotels and hostels are conveniently located close by to the various schools and language centers where you’ll be working!


To be accepted onto the course you don’t need to have prior teaching experience or teaching qualifications. This is an initial teaching qualification in the specialized field of TEFL. If you do not hold a university degree, you should hold qualifications for entry to tertiary level education (e.g. A levels, High School diploma, etc), although exceptions are made with those candidates who demonstrate their suitability for the course through the questionnaire questions in the application form. Non-native English speakers will be accepted onto the course on equal terms to native English language speakers provided that they demonstrate a high command of the language. Applicants need to be at least 18 years old.

Booking Details

For both the 4 Week TESOL and Flexible TESOL courses a deposit of £120 per person, payable to INTESOL WORLDWIDE Ltd is required in order to secure your place on the course (refundable if your application is refused or the course is full). This can be paid through the secure payment facility on the INTESOL website at The balance is payable direct to INTESOL Russia who will contact you as soon as the deposit has been processed.

Please book early as places are limited.

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INTESOL is Accredited by ALAP, a specialist international ELT Awarding Organisation